Portada Compañia


The core Values of our company are: Good and efficient teamwork, punctuality to serve our clients when they need us,  quality to provide the best possible product, austerity, leadership to guide our teams. We also take high regard on good communications as we understand our clients have all sorts of needs and we will do our best to satisfy them.


Our mission is to provide the best solution for our clients as well as a nutritious and healthy variety of products to ensure their good health and well being. Our main priority is to provide a regular high quality product y a timely manner to domestic and international markets. Committed to our products we are constantly trying to improve our production process and minimising the environmental impact so that we can continue to provide the best natural products.


Light Valley’s vision is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients based on mutual trust, committed to the quality of our products delivered in an agile and timely fashion through a skillful production and sales team.